Women from the Young Mothers Support Group gather in the courtyard at the Adolescent Centre

Teens & HIV

When teens are supported and encouraged by caring adults, they thrive in amazing ways, becoming resourceful, contributing members of families and communities.

Teens with HIV/AIDS

Bursting with energy, curiosity and spirit that is not easily extinguished, we believe that teens living with HIV have the power to change negative social patterns of behaviour and break cycle of HIV infection.

Adolescent HIV

Adolescence is a period of incredible change, with a breathtaking pace of growth. Children not only experience rapid growth spurts and become sexually mature; they also develop the capacity to reason in more abstract ways, explore the concepts of right and wrong, develop hypotheses, and think about the future.

They start to take on responsibilities, experiment with new ways of doing things, and push for independence. But as they grapple with physical and emotional changes, teens must also cope with the demands of culture, gender, globalization and poverty, which push many teens in Botswana too early into adult roles and responsibilities.

HIV/AIDS, urbanization and rising unemployment have all undermined education and development in Botswana. As traditional social networks unravel, the structure of families is reshaped and sometimes demolished, and the capacity of family and community support systems shrinks.

With their world often lacking safety, consistency and structure, teens are left to make difficult choices, largely on their own.

Teen club seeks to change that. We:

  • Work with teens’ special challenges
  • Provide social supports
  • Provide connectedness