Help send Botswana Teen Club to AIDS 2014!

Three of our youth in Botswana have been selected to attend the AIDS 2014 Conference in Melbourne, Australia, from 20-25 July.

Our teens are so excited to share Teen Club with the world! They are busy planning an activity booth that will run for the entire five-day conference to showcase the community they’ve built, which has grown into the world’s largest network of peer support groups for adolescents living with HIV/AIDS. Through a rotating schedule of skits, performances, demonstrations and meet-and-greets, the Teen Leaders and Peer Educators will introduce our best practices—including its award-winning psychosocial support and life skills curricula—to an international community of activists, health workers, policy-makers, and other youth living with HIV/AIDS.

Three passionate, smart, caring community leaders can make a difference. They can save lives. The first step is to bring them into the conversation and make sure their voices are heard, and we need your help to get them there. We’ve won two scholarships for our team and are working hard to raise the rest of the funds we need. Can you help? Even a small donation goes a long way, and it would mean a lot to all of us to have your support.

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Seeking Volunteers!

We're seeking volunteers to help with monthly Teen Clubs. The position will involve helping with Teen Club meetings by facilitating small groups. Please contact!

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The Art of Giving Back

Club topic: Community Service

To give or to receive: that was the question answered at Gaborone Teen Club’s February event. Teens spent the morning discussing the meaning of “community service” and its role in their lives. Writing lists of everything they give and receive on a daily basis created a renewed awareness and appreciation among the teens of just how much they get from others every day. Countless studies have shown that giving actually makes us feel better, happier and more satisfied than receiving. With this in mind, teens spent the Teen Club day creating things to give to others!

The main activity of the day was making spacers for inhalers (devices used by people with asthma, to direct medication into their lungs to help them breathe).

Spacers are cylindrical devices that create a tunnel of space between someone’s inhaler and mouth; this makes it much easier for people with asthma to correctly inhale the medicine into the lungs, rather than swallowing it into their stomachs where it will not help. As helpful as spacers are, they're also expensive.

Doctors at the Botswana-Baylor Clinic knew that you can make them easily, effectively and inexpensively out of small plastic water bottles! Thanks to the generous donations of empty used water bottles from hotels and schools around Gaborone, we were able to collect 373 bottles to turn into spacers.

Teen Club staff cut holes in the bottom of the bottles (where the mouth of the inhaler will be inserted) before Teen Club. Teens started by removing the labels from the bottles, then they washed and rinsed every bottle and laid them out to dry in the sun. While the bottles dried, teens decorated new labels for the spacers, drawing colorful pictures and writing encouraging messages to the spacers’ future recipients such as “feel better soon” and “you are great.” Finally, teens glued the new labels onto the spacers and taped over the hole cut in the bottom to make smooth edges and a snug fit for the mouth of the inhalers.

In the morning, the younger teens (13-15 years old) made birthday and holiday cards for doctors at the neighboring public hospital to give to young patients staying in the hospital over holidays or their birthdays. While this was happening, older teens started making inhaler spacers out of recycled water bottles. Making the spacers was more time consuming than expected, so in the second half of the morning, the younger teens joined the effort! In the end, the teens were able to complete the production and decoration of all 373 spacers!

Teens reported feeling very happy about the day. One stated, “I feel so good about giving back to my community that I wrote my name on the water bottle. I want the person to know that it is from me to them!”

All in all, community service Teen Club was a big hit. We can't wait to begin giving out the spacers and holiday and birthday cards to children! Thank you to all of the organizations who donated water bottles, to the doctors whose idea sparked this project, and to the teens for making it possible!

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Fun run a huge success!

The Botswana Baylor Fun Run was a huge success!

This past Saturday 19 November, Notwane Grounds buzzed with a great turnout of energetic and determined runners and dedicated volunteers. Runners, joggers, strollers and dog-walkers pounded the pavement for 13K in support of Botswana Baylor’s plans to build an Adolescent Centre.

Gold, silver and bronze medals were given to the fastest runners, and prizes were announced for lucky raffle winners!

Generous sponsors made the day go smoothly and safely with donations of water, fruit and sports drinks.

THANK YOU to the over 200 people who registered! We are now one step closer to meeting our goal and building the Botswana Baylor Adolescent Centre!

Keep an eye out for our Fun Run next year!!


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