Donations go to help teens with HIV lead full, healthy lives


Sponsorship levels

To get an idea of how far your money goes, check out this table. We are accountable for all of our program costs, and are always seeking donors whether small or large!

P15 ($1.50) A meal for a Teen Club teen
P100 ($10) Transportation and a meal for ten Teen Club teens
P420 ($42) Transportation for one teen to attend a year of Teen Club events
P6,120  ($612) A satellite Teen Club event (90 teens)
P15,000  ($1,500) A Gaborone Teen Club event (220 teens)
P73,500  ($7,350) A satellite Teen Club for 1 year
P144,000  ($14,400) Sponsor Gaborone Teen Club for 1 year
P770,000  ($77,000) Operating costs for our Adolescent Centre

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In-kind donations

We always need the following to help run our programs:

  • Petrol vouchers (for vehicular transport)
  • Meals (food, vouchers, gift certificates, etc.)
  • Venues for events and meetings (conference halls, stadiums, etc.)
  • Sports equipment (footballs, pumps, tennis balls, duffel bags, etc.)
  • Art supplies (crayons, markers, paints, etc.)
  • Airtime (cellphone minutes)


We always need people to help make our teen club events a success!