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Day of the African Child

The last teen planning meeting on June 16 2012, the 21st anniversary of the Day of the African Child, was a very special day for the teen leaders. Not only did they plan the upcoming Teen Club event which will be all about Stigma and healthy disclosure, they also got introduced to a new program called Aflateen and were surprised by a visit from KFC staff and received generous donations.

The day started off with the first session of the Aflateen program which aims to build the teens personally and socially. Themed “Budgeting and planning” the first session was focused on saving and spending money wisely. Each teen had to come up with their own budget plan pretending to be a single parent with a two year old child. Working along this scenario showed them the importance of planning ahead of time as well as focusing on the important things in life. At the end of the sessions, the teen leaders were asked to save money they had left and continue to do so every month. All their savings added up to a total of P 27.20 with more to come during the next five Aflateen sessions.

The second part of the day consisted of brainstorming and planning for the upcoming Teen Club held on the 30th of June.  Each of them bringing in their ideas and finally holding a vote on the different options the activities for the last Saturday were decided.

After enjoying lunch sponsored by KFC Botswana the Teens were surprised by a number of KFC staff members to celebrate the Day of the African Child. On June 16, 1976, a series of student-led protests started in Soweto, the biggest township of Johannesburg. It honors the roughly 700 Students who gave their lives and about 400 who got injured to protest against Afrikaans being used as the language of instruction in all schools.

Each teen leader received a water bottle, a hat and gloves as well as a bright red T shirt. Also Teen Club in Gaborone and other sites benefited by receiving 33 balls. We would like to thank KFC for making a difference in the community and helping to build brighter futures for Botswana’s youth!

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